John’s passion is supporting individuals to create positive and lasting change in both their personal and professional lives through self awareness. In his own daily pursuit and practice of being a servant leader, John gently guides  individuals from all walks of life to become the best leaders they can be wherever they serve.


Experience in leadership started at a young age for John. He acknowledges God for blessing him with a loving wife of 20+ years and amazing daughters and states that the journey has not been perfect, but that it has absolutely been rewarding. John’s values are are tightly woven in family and believes being a servant leader isn’t just about business - it’s about being a servant leader in all areas of our lives. According to John, the more he practices being a servant leader to his family, the more he improves in all areas of his life.

With over 20 years in the sales profession, playing many different roles, John has continually improved his leadership abilities serving his employees, co-workers and customers. This journey is a continual practice. John says “We don’t always get it right. The great thing is when I get it wrong, I ask what can I learn from this opportunity to improve myself - that’s self awareness.”


John’s continual investment in self-development & leadership have profoundly impacted both his personal and professional lives and the lives of those around him.  He accredits his success to the great coaches and leaders in his life. John considers it his privilege to be of service to others and believes that no matter how successful you become, you can always learn more.

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